Class Descriptions

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This class is designed to specifically target the developmental needs of preschool children age 3-5. This program focuses on development of gross motor skills—running, jumping, climbing, balance, and strength movements. Each 30 minute class will consist of a warm up/concept development, a workout/skill acquisition and finish up with a fun game. We want to make exercise fun and instill a lifetime love of fitness in your kidz!

Our Pre-K program comes to your daycare, preschool, or other facility. Times can be customized based on your schedule. Class size is capped at 10 children. Please contact Coach Dawn for more information.

This strength and conditioning program is specifically designed for youth, ages 5-10.  The purpose of this class is to ignite a love of health and fitness in young people that will last their lifetime.  Young athletes will participate in group workouts geared to their individual skill level and mastery of specific movements.  Fundamental movements such as pushing, pulling, running, lifting, jumping, climbing, and throwing will be emphasized.  Each one hour class will consist of teaching a skill/movement, a brief workout with warm up and cool down time, and a fun review at the end of the class.

This program is an introduction to Olympic-style Weightlifting, for middle school and high school athletes. The Olympic lifts consist of the snatch (where a barbell is moved from the ground to overhead in one explosive movement) and the clean and jerk (the barbell is moved first to the shoulders, and then lifted overhead). These full body movements are highly technical, and stress development of strength, power, flexibility, and coordination. Youth athletes will grow in confidence as they master the Olympic lifts and other associated lifts. Participants in this course must demonstrate competency in lifting techniques before any weights will be used in training. This program will be supervised by a certified instructor.

Individual and team sessions are available. Place and time can be customized based on your schedule. Please contact Coach Dawn for more information.

Focusing on teens, this is a strength and conditioning program geared toward ages 11-16. Teens will train fundamental movement skills (push/pull, run, lift, jump, throw) in a non-competitive environment. This is non-sport specific programming, tailored to the neurological, cognitive, and physical development of teenagers. Participants will become stronger, more coordinated, and better conditioned. Prior participation in sports is not necessary for this class.